Unique Direct Mail

Today direct marketing to highly targeted prospects, can be a difficult challenge. Your mail piece will join the ranks of hundreds of other pieces that are competing for the same attention. It is imperative that your direct mail Stands Out and Gets Noticed.

In order to ensure your direct mailer has the highest possible immediate impact—and the highest possible response rate—an unique, interactive and dimensional mail piece should be used. This method of sending a unique mailer is a sure way to get the attention you need.

The results from three-dimensional and interactive mailings are usually very high. The Direct Marketing Association ranks dimensional mail as the second highest in response rates for direct orders. In their statistical member feedback survey, the average response rate was 2.3 percent and the highest response rates were 8.3 percent.

The Solution

Use a high-impact unique and creative mailer from
PopfotoCard.com These pieces are geared to engage the recipient beyond that of a commonly flat printed piece. Choose from our PopfotoCard, PopfotoBurst, PopfotoEffects or PopfotoProfiles.

In addition the effectiveness of our direct mailers offered by
Popfotocard.com can be improved further by utilizing some of our additional services. For instance, the pieces can be personalized to each recipient by using VDP (Variable Data Printing). According to a study by CAPS Venture, “69% of recipients prefer highly personalized copy”. VDP can be used in altering the text or images on the direct mailer to ensure a highly personalized experience.

Another service that ties in with
VDP, is our One-to-One marketing solution that offers a multi-touch, multi-media and multi-cycle approach. This approach, utilizing PURLS (Personalized URL's) has been know to improve the response rates by over 2 1/2 times over campaigns that don't use this approach.

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PopfotoCard.com offers the perfect solution for those who want a Unique Direct Mail piece that will stand out, get noticed and achieve results. All of our Pop-up direct mailers are fully customizable with any choice of imagery, wording and size. Our unique direct mailers have been know to achieve higher response rates than traditional postcard mailings. If you want a creative direct mail piece which will achieve results, choose the

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PopfotoCard.com specializes in 3-dimensional and interactive print advertising tools. Our creative and high-impact products elevate attention above the clutter of typical print pieces. Applications include direct mailers, pop-up magazine inserts, promotional, trade-show & event collateral, sales collateral, gift card holders, event invitations, thank you's, schedules, maps and more... - employing pop-ups, pop-outs, animated, interactive and multi-dimensional print.
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